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Why The Paris Climate Accord is Such a Fraud

President Trump is right to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement! The deal isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

But many politicians and much of the media are horrified. Al Gore called pulling out of the Paris Agreement a “reckless and indefensible decision.” Former President Obama said: “This administration joins a handful of nations that reject the future.” Really? Have they read the agreement?

John Stossel explains why in a short 4-minute video.

Scientists warn of unusually cold Sun: Will we face another ice age?

Click here: A study by the University of California San Diego claims by 2050, the Sun is expected to become cool. You might think “what’s the big deal,” but remember that this means the solar activities that create the heat of the Sun to sustain life on Earth may diminish. And the last time it happened was in the 17th Century, when the Thames River froze. Scientists call this the “Maunder Minimum”.

Image courtesy NASA