Letters to Falcon

Obama and his henchmen


Obama and his henchmen have to use dirty politics and totally false ads because he has no record of accomplishment to stand on.  Even his health care bill is a disaster waiting to happen and hopefully after the election it can be stopped and dismantled.

No budget, no plan, no jobs, no transparency, no congress, no economy, plenty of debt, plenty of lies, plenty of I this and I that, constant White House security leaks, plenty of negatives between classes of people, plenty of job exporting, no jobs council meetings since January, growth stagnation and just constant drama from this loser president.

Just who likes Obama?  All those who work for city, county, state and federal government unions, those on welfare, food stamps, special interest groups such as Planned Parenthood, those who don’t want to work, those seeking disability payments since their unemployment ran out, all the green energy misfits and the list just continues to the point one just realizes most of his support comes from those receiving their living off entitlements.  Those on Medicare and Social Security have paid into the system making it non-entitlement although there may be exceptions such as outright fraud etc..