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Vote ‘NO’ on BOTH Franchise Fee Questions


The ballot for the Utility tax in Burlington has an A question and a B question that both look exactly like the same question with one slight difference that’s hardly noticeable because the voter is looking for the word “utility” and may not happen to notice one question is for gas and the other for electricity.  Apparently the city doesn’t consider it just one bill for utilities although they do when it comes to the city extortion laden water bill that contains several different bills although totaled as one and that’s the same thing Alliant does.

I think the city is up to no good by the way they’ve stated the questions on the ballot that may be confusing to many voters who may leave one question blank because they don’t realize it’s broken down into two questions for a single utility bill with each utility combined.

Why couldn’t they just have one question with a simple yes or no answer such as:  Do you want an increase on your utility bill from Alliant; so the city can rip us off further?  O yes, O no

Why do they have to make it confusing to the voter because I was told many asked why the hell there were two similar proposals on the ballot.  The voters, as I did may only see the word Utility and miss the gas and/or electric that through an illusion do not appear to the eye as the word utility does.

Voters should be sure they check no on each question because both have to be answered even though both are always on the same utility bill and not on separate ones as the ballot seems to indicate.  Just like the city water bill where every thing they provide is on the same bill so just why does the city make up some dumb two question ballot for a one question proposal.