Common Core Disaster

 Parents had better be aware of what the government has in store for public run government schools in America.
 The name of the disaster is Common Core where the states were bribed and/or blackmailed by the government to sign up of loose funding from other so called programs.
 The big loss other than the education of our students is the loss of student and family privacy.  In order for states to qualify for Stimulus Bill funding, the federal Department of Education required the individual states to build expensive databases to track student data and progress.  This database was suggested to include the following information:
 Test scores, homework completion, extracurricular activity, health care history, disciplinary record, family income range, family voting status, political affiliations, religious affiliation, housing information, bus information, telephone information, family government assistance information, personality traits, work techniques and effort ets., over 400 data points in all.
 People had better go to the: and look up the following Institute Brief, volume 20 number 33 titled “The Problems of the Common Core”
 The adoption of CCSS in the Iowa Core gives up the local control that school districts have had and gives the power to control curriculum to the state and federal governments.  The states have to adopt the CCSS exactly as written, which removes the local school district’s ability to decide what is best for the students in each individual district.  In other words it basically gets the states departments of education, local school districts, and parents out of the way; so government has control of their children’s education.  There are about five smart states that turned the government down on the quest to control you children’s education and basically their entire lives.