Football Letters to Falcon Sports

Ashamed at WB/ND Football Display


At the West Burlington/Cardinal Football game this past Friday, it was very disappointing to see the display of unsportsmanlike conduct from one of our own players, the quarterback.  He threw an interception, his fourth I might add, made a slight attempt to tackle the opposing player, gave up and let the other team run down the field to score a touchdown.  Before the play even ended, he took his helmut off and threw it to the ground. Horrible for the fans to see.  Terrible display of sportsmanship. The falcons should have been called for a penalty because he took his helmut off before the end of the play.  This happened again a few minutes later when he threw his fifth interception; however, this time he did not throw his helmut. After the first time, he should have been benched by the coach…you can’t tell me not one of how many of the coahes there did not see this display…. it was in front of our own bench.  I don’t know who I am more upset with.. the quarterback or the coach for allowing this kind of behavior… and I might add I am tired of hearing that it is not the quarterbacks fault for throwing interceptions… yes it is in this case….he needs to look where he is throwing instead of just throwing it out there…..take some responsibilty and quit blaming everyone else… that goes to the quarterback and the coach.