Burlington Iowa Letters to Falcon Notre Dame West Burlington

Falcons set positive example after Keokuk football game


This was posted to the WB School’s Facebook;

I was working the ambulance last night at Keokuk for the football game against your school. There was an adult and his 2 grandkids(one of the coaches 2 kids) and 4 other girls from West burlington that decided to pick up water bottles left by people on the ground and brought them to us. We gave the 4 girls a couple of trash bags and they went all over the grassy area picking up the trash. One of the girls.told me that she didn’t want keokuk stadium to look bad so she was picking the trash up. The girls that continued to pick the trash up couldn’t of been more.then 8 or 9. This to me was amazing that they decided to do this and wasn’t even from keokuk. Amazing little girls and adult that picked up. I just wanted to let you all know how amazing this was to see and tell them all thank you. And to the kids parents thank you for raising your kids with respect for.others and others property. I never got the girls names or the man and the other 2 little girls.

A BIG Thank you to whoever went above and beyond after the Keokuk football game!