Letters to Falcon

Burlington City Hall Sold Us Out


Looks like city hall sold out the taxpayers again by giving Mr. Whittkamp a $500,000 discount on that spec. building in the Industrial Park plus unknown TIF money; so the taxpayers pay his police, fire, school and other taxes for him for who knows how many years.

Each of the seven new employees will cost taxpayer close to $75,000 and they’ll probably not be paid a livable wage.  It will probably take each of the seven 188 weeks to earn the equivalent of $75,000 @ $10 per hour or about 3.6 years to gross that much money.  Of course $10 per hour is no where near a livable wage in Burlington or West Burlington and probably not anywhere else in Iowa.

We’ll may eventually find out just how much the taxpayers are being ripped off provided there’s any sunshine left down at city hall.  Maybe we could have sold him city hall since what comes out of there is never good for taxpayers.