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Brazil’s Citizens want to undo Gun Control Laws

Click here: Brazil is world’s most murderous country and gun control is starting to lose its appeal. Brazil has the highest number of homicides of any nation in the world. Opposition to strict gun control laws rises as violence increases. Desperate Brazilians, helpless when confronted by armed criminals, want their country’s gun control laws reversed given that around 60,000 their citizens are killed each year. Polls show support for gun ownership gaining ground. In an election year, politicians are paying attention.

President Trump’s Economy Revving Up

Click here: New jobs increase by 313,000, exceeding 200,000 predicted by over 56%.
Click here: Record Number of Americans Employed. 155,215,000 Americans were employed in February, 785,000 more than last month’s record 154,430,000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.
Click here: Black unemployment falls to record low.
Click here: American Manufacturing Jobs Up 31,000 in February; Up 263,000 Since Trump Took Office
Photo by Dan Hockett
President Donald Trump speaks to a packed U.S. Cellular Center crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa June, 21, 2017

FOUR county sheriff deputies ‘cowered behind their cars during Parkland school shooting and refused to enter the building’ according to Florida police officers who ran in to try and stop the attack

Click here:  The neighboring Coral Springs, Florida police department has accused local Broward County Sheriff Deputies of failing to confront the mass shooter or even enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the attack last week. Coral Springs police officers arrived on the scene to find the deputies cowering behind their vehicles.

Oppressive Communist China says USA should Restrict Firearms

Click here: An editorial in a widely read state-run Chinese newspaper said on Friday,  “Gun ownership in China is strictly regulated, which helps reduce gun-related crimes and deaths. The U.S. should learn from China and genuinely protect human rights.” It’s tragically laughable for the Communist Chinese to claim restricting firearms “genuinely protect human rights” when their government murdered over 73-million of their own citizens after disarming them.
Click here: Communist Body Count by country.
Communist China