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Parkland Schools’ culture of tolerance lets students like Florida shooter slide

Click here: The South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper obtained the Florida school shooter’s discipline records and found he was suspended at least 67 days over less than 18-months prior to the shooting. Parkland School’s culture of leniency allows students to engage in an endless loop of violations and second chances, creating a system where kids who commit the same offense for the 10th time may be treated like it’s the first. THE SHOOTER’S 4-PAGE DISCIPLINE REPORT is published at the at the bottom of this article.


Study: TV’s War Against Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Agenda

Click here: During the 18 months of the Trump presidency, immigration has received more airtime on the three broadcast evening news shows than any other policy topic. The networks’ coverage has been relentlessly hostile to the administration (92% negative, just 8% positive). The next-most-covered topic, the nuclear confrontation with North Korea, garnered 719 minutes of airtime, or about 4 1/2 fewer hours of coverage than immigration..