Burlington Post Office


The other day I had the misfortune of having to mail something larger than an envelope and was forced to go into the Burlington Post Office and wait in that eternal line at the service counter.

There is something totally wrong with the Burlington Post Office and I blame it on arrogance of the management that puts service to the customer at the lowest level possible and this has gone on for years down at our post office.

There is never enough people working the service counters in the Burlington Post Office and most people just dread having to go down there to mail anything other than a letter at the outside box.  It’s as though the customer’s time is not near as important as the management who can’t figure out why there’s a long line standing out on the floor waiting to mail something.  Why doesn’t the management of the local post office take a time study on the slow service when only one of the counters is manned while the line keeps growing?

Management of the entire Post Office Department is a mess and they are constantly being bailed out by the taxpayer for failure to break even.  This just goes to show that government just fumbles around and can never compete with the private sector in any business related venture because they have no incentive to excel or do things right because they have the taxpayer to bail them out.  Government is similar to spending eight hours a day away from home doing nothing and being overpaid to do it, sort of a retirement incubating head start experience for management.

The Burlington Post Office is West Burlington Post Office’s best advertisement.