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SHOCK REPORT: How the Communist Chinese infiltrated U.S. Classrooms including University of IOWA

Click here: “The Confucius Institute is an appealing brand for expanding our culture abroad,” Li Changchun, a standing member of the Communist Politburo in Beijing said in a 2011 speech, “It has made an important contribution toward improving our soft power. The ‘Confucius’ brand has a natural attractiveness. Using the excuse of teaching Chinese language, everything looks reasonable and logical.” Confucius Institutes have sprouted up at more than 500 college campuses worldwide, with more than 100 of them in the United States—including at The George Washington University, the University of Michigan and the University of IOWA.

Communist China

Georgia Senator Perdue, “I Was In The Room” Trump Never Said “S**thole Countries”

Click here: Senator Perdue said to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week,  “I’m telling you he did not use that word, George, and I’m telling you it’s a gross misrepresentation. How many times you want me to say that? What is happening here is the same thing that happened in 2013 where you had a press secretary of your president who said it didn’t happen.”

“There were six of us in the room. I haven’t heard any of those six sources — other than Sen. Durbin talk about what was said,”

“In 2013, Senator Durbin also made the same accusation against a Republican leader in a meeting with President Obama, and said that it was – he chewed out the president, it was so disrespectful to President Obama, we couldn’t even have the meeting.”

“That’s what he [Durbin] said in 2013. Later that day, the president’s own press secretary came out and said, and I quote, it did not happen. This is about a gross misrepresentation. It’s not the first time.”